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Where Can I Keep My Skip?

By 10 March 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments

How to decide where to store your skip

All customers have different needs when hiring a skip or other waste disposal service, including where they are able to store it. There are several factors you will need to think about while ordering to plan the storage and use of a skip or RoRo container.

Which size do you need?

We provide all customers with access to our easy and informative skip size guide. This means you can make an informed decision on which size to hire based on your waste disposal needs. Please be aware that most councils will not approve a roadside permit for any skips over 8 yards in size.

What space do you have available?

If you own your property or have permission from a landlord to store a skip you will need to measure the space you will be using. All skips should have at least a 3-meter clearance distance once sat down and be free from any obstructions too. Our truck drivers will have to reverse the skip in a straight line, therefore, we are unable to set it down in any location that requires access at an angle.

Think about any damages

We will always do our best to not cause any damage to both public spaces and private properties, however, skips are very heavy and can sometimes damage flooring that hasn’t been prepared for the delivery of the skip. If your driveway is made of materials such as block paving you may be better off finding some large wooden blocks for the skip to be placed down on.

Would you prefer to use a public road or car park?

All customers can opt to use a public space, whether they have a driveway or not. As stated before, there are usually restrictions on this but it’s always best to check with your local council first. We will obtain a permit on your behalf if this is how you would prefer to store your skip, please let us know at the time of booking.

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