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Garden Waste Clearance Guide

By 10 March 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments

Tips On Clearing Your Garden Waste

If you’re considering a garden tidy-up or even a renovation to get ready for summer, we want to let you know how to dispose of the rubbish. Our skips can help you with easy and convenient waste removal at the most affordable prices too.

How should I delegate time?

Before you begin your project be sure to estimate how long you want to spend on it. All gardens will need a different amount of work depending on how overgrown it is and how much rubbish there is to get rid of them. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself with how much work you need to complete. You can estimate how much time you may need by timing and completing a small area first.

Should I separate waste?

We hope that you can estimate what types of waste will be in your garden to make the whole project easier. We recommend to all customers try separate general and green waste in order to make the waste disposal task quicker. Green waste includes garden matter such as grass, branches, and weeds. General waste however can include a variety of different items including soil, furniture, and plant pots. Green waste can sometimes be collected by the council free of charge which saves you money! Please be sure to separate any items that could be potentially dangerous to others including employees and other road users.

Choose the best disposal service

Skip is often used for garden clearances as well as an endless list of other tasks due to its versatility. We have a range of skip sizes from 4 to 12 yards that can help you with your garden project depending on the amount of waste you need to dispose of. Do you have a private space to keep it or will you need to use the road? There are restrictions on the size that can be kept on a road so be aware of that before booking.

Reliable Skip Edinburgh wants to provide all customers with the most convenient and cost-effective waste removal service possible. Provide your postcode on our main page to find your quotes and complete your order within minutes. We can even have your skip delivered as quickly as the following day at no extra cost.

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