Why Are There Waste Restrictions?

When you hire a skip from a company, you can dispose of a range of different rubbish items including general waste, recycling, and green waste too. However, there are some items that can be potentially hazardous to our skip operators, other road users, and any other person that could come into contact with your rubbish. For this reason, we had to make this list of prohibited waste you should NOT throw into your skip. This is a short list of the most popular items that we restrict, if you want a full list then you can head to our Terms of Business page.

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Our Restrictions List

Every skip hire company that you hire from will have restrictions similar to these, however, always check before filling your skip. Here is out short and easy to read list of prohibited items:

Sofas, Armchairs, and Other Upholstered Furniture

POPs aka persistent organic pollutants can be found in upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and footstools. The storage, processing, and disposal of these items will now change based on the POPs regulations that were introduced in January 2023. These items can contain harmful chemicals that don’t break down in our environment which can cause serious harm to animals and humans. We can help with the disposal of upholstered furniture but please be sure to contact us before filling your skip.

Electrical appliances

Electrical Appliances and Equipment

Any item that needs a plug, batteries, or a charger to work is classed as an electrical item. This means they have the potential to become hazardous to those that come into contact with them. Please take any items like this to an electrical recycling point, you can find your local one here.

Skip With a Mattress


These are an item that we can dispose of, however, we have to charge an extra fee. The standard rate is currently £45 – £50 + VAT per mattress. If you need us to dispose of yours please let us know beforehand.

Plasterboard Waste


Plasterboard is a very useful building material, however, it can become very dangerous if it comes into contact with water. For this reason, we only accept a small amount in bin bags. They should never be placed into the skip either as they could come into contact with biodegradable waste items. If we find this in your skip unauthorized you will receive a fee of up to 50% of your hire price.

pile of used batteries


All batteries including AAA up to car batteries will contain harmful chemicals like lead and lithium. This means that can leak and cause injury to others. There are several battery bins available for those that need to dispose of them including most supermarkets. Please ensure that your batteries go here so they can be cleaned before disposal.

Old asbestos requiring disposal


Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance and should not be messed with by anyone other than an experienced professional. It can substantially increase your chances of developing lung disease and several cancers. Please call a specialist immediately if you find any in your home.

Stack of old gas cylinders for recycling

Gas Cylinders

These can be hazardous if they contain the remnants of the gas, however, most people assume that they are empty. This makes them a potential explosion hazard and can cause serious injury or even fatalities. Please call a specialist or the manufacturer to find out how to dispose of it properly.

Medical waste, used syringes and medicine bottles

Medical Waste

This category can cover a variety of items including but not limited to used or unused needles, bodily fluids, body parts, and items of PPE. Any item that could be contaminated or spread infections should absolutely not be inside a skip. Please be sure to dispose of these appropriately for the safety of others.

Glass Waste


We understand that those using skips, especially households, won’t be able to avoid small amounts of glass in the skip. However, we cannot accept a skip with large amounts of waste as they create a serious threat of serious injury to our skip operators. If you need to get rid of a large quantity of glass please contact us regarding a glass-only skip.

pile of used tyres for disposal

Tyres & Other Items

Some items made from rubber, such as tyres, can be disposed of but will come with an extra fee much like mattresses. If you have other items that you think may be hazardous and you would like to double-check, give us a call or contact your local council.

Used paint tins, fuels and solvents.

Paint, Solvents, and Fuels

All items that fit into this category can cause harm to others as they are at high risk for combustion. This could cause chemical burns and other skin injuries in the event of a fire. We ask that these items should be taken to a specialist centre to be disposed of properly.

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Even with these waste restrictions in place, a skip is still a valuable service to be used by all customers with a large amount of rubbish to dispose of. They are super convenient, cost-effective, and designed to make your projects easier.

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